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Collection inspiration: Heart jewelry@mimo.su

Let’s face it, a lot of girls consider themselves as hopeless romantics. They have once dreamed about their handsome prince arriving to save them from danger. Some girls do not outgrow this, and these ladies now continue to have an affinity for anything dreamy and fairytale-like. Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Rings Flowers and hearts are one of their favorite things. They all probably own a heart jewelry collection.
Heart jewelry always seems to be one of the favorite jewelry designs of women of all ages. And, boasts of gorgeous heart jewelry pieces. Scroll down to see them!
Heart rings
What woman doesn’t love wearing rings? Single or not, wearing rings is a perfect way to adorn those digits. Cocktail rings are perfect for any occasion, and they can make a bold statement because of their size and colors. Thinner bands are ideal for stacking; three rings are the way to go! As for engagement rings, heart stones is the best presentation of your love for your partner. So for the men reading this, get your lady a heart-cut engagement ring, she’ll definitely say yes!
Heart necklaces
For the necklace lovers, Mabella has a variety of stunning heart pendants. They come in different gemstones,Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Ring cubic zirconia colors, stone cuts, and sizes. Each pendant comes with an 18-inch long sterling silver chain.
Heart earrings
Earrings can be stand-alone pieces, especially if the designs are eye-catching. These pieces draw attention to your face, making any wearer look as chic as ever. These heart earrings also come with different gemstones, stone cuts, and sizes.
Heart jewelry sets
These sets are perfect for women who love to match pieces. Each set comes with a pair of heart earrings and a stunning pendant with an 18-inch long sterling silver chain necklace.
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Wedding band ideas for men
Who said planning on wedding band designs is only for women? Men have particular tastes too, and some are finicky on what they wear. We can’t blame them; wedding bands are something you’d wear for a long time. That said, it’s only wise to pick something you would love. Here are some wedding band designs from you might like:
Tungsten Cheap Van Cleef Clover Ring Carbide with Cubic Zirconia Wedding Band
Tungsten carbide is very resistant to scratching, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the smooth finish when accidentally hitting it on something hard. Tungsten carbide is usually gray in color, so this band is not traditional. The clear cubic zirconia stone accents are perfect for stylish guys. Even straight guys love a bit of a sparkle. What’s great about having a CZ band is you can match the bride’s band.
Tungsten Carbide with CZ on Diamond Accents Wedding Band
This ring is one of our favorites. The diamond-shaped accents give the band a unique look while cubic zirconia stones add some subtle sparkle. Perfect for men who love edgy styles, this durable tungsten carbide ring will last a long time.
Rose Gold Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band
Yes, you read that right! Rose gold trend is everywhere this year, why not wear it on your finger? This ring may look traditional because of its lack of details. But the metallic pink hue is making all the difference.
Tungsten Black Fiber Carbon Wedding Band
This two-tone wedding band has a brushed polished shiny finish with a solitaire CZ at the center. The ring is perfect to coordinate with the bride’s equally sophisticated black wedding band.
Tungsten Black Fiber Carbon Wedding Band
This tungsten black fiber carbon band looks as though you’re wearing a band of marble on your finger. The ring’s design reminds of ancient Greek temples, giving off a vintage vibe. The band is perfect for unconventional couples who both are old souls.
High Polish Finished Tungsten Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring Carbide Wedding Band
This ring with an art deco-inspired design is very masculine. Things with square edges seem to exude with machismo, as this ring does. Perfect for the ‘manly man,’ this tungsten carbide band is simply elegant even without CZ stones.
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Get to know July’s birthstone — Ruby
Rubies are such elegant crystals that they’re one of the most aesthetically pleasing stones used in jewelry. Ruby is July’s birthstone, and it’s the perfect time to wear pieces adorning this gem. But before you go shopping for ruby pieces, take some time to know more about this valuable stone.
What is a ruby?
Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, its fiery color caused by the addition of chromium. Sapphire is a corundum too, but it’s blue because of titanium and iron. Rubies are known for their bright red color, luster, durability and rarity. Fine-quality, transparent rubies are very rare, even rarer than diamonds. Prices of these gems vary depending on their color.
Why is it July’s birthstone?
Birthstones date back to the time of Moses. Aaron, a first high priest, wore a breastplate that had 12 gemstones. These stones were said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. People then associated these 12 stones to the months of the year. The current list that we follow dates back to 1912.
Why is it called the “King of Gems?”
Some believe that rubies represent the sun. Some think that rubies represent love, devotion, courage, and wisdom. Legends say that warriors implanted rubies under their skin for bravery. Replica Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring Ancient cultures, on the other hand, believe that ground rubies can cure blood diseases and give good health when placed on the tongue. Others believe it can give the wearer good fortune. Ruby definitely lives up to its name.
What are its healing properties?
People believe that rubies are the crystal to use to recharge your energy levels. It can stimulate the wearer’s mind and feel more positive. Its red color associates it with romance and sensuality, so there are beliefs that it can attract new love.
What matches ruby jewelry pieces?
Anything! Wear a statement ruby ring along with dainty midi rings for a great stacking effect. A top of any color, whether printed or solid-colored, goes well with a ruby necklace. A classic black dress looks more elegant when worn with a ruby necklace too. Basically, any type of wardrobe, casual or formal, will look more elegant and feminine with such beautiful jewelry. Don’t forget to put on a classic red lipstick to top off your look!