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Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day approaching jewelry is top of mind for both women and men alike. I like to take opportunities like Valentine’s Day to treat the women who are most important in my life, and usually I’ll find a little sparkle for myself too. One of my favorite styles in jewelry to give and receive is. Love knot styles are a contemporary, yet subtle, way to show someone your admiration without using the overt symbol of a heart.
Moda Al Massimo(Tm) 18k Gold Cheap Cartier Ring 18k Yellow Gold Over Bronze Love Knot Bracelet & Necklace
are beautiful, bold statement pieces! These love knot links turn a classic gold link style into something more contemporary, and meaningful. Add one, or both, to your jewelry box and you’ll wear these for years to come.
Rhodium Over Sterling Silver Love Knot 18 Inch Necklace & Rhodium Over Sterling Silver Love Knot 7 Inch Cuff
If your special someone prefers silver to yellow gold, go for this Better yet, add this This cuff bracelet is a staple piece, because it’s so versatile. You can wear one, wear two, or stack with other bangles, cuffs, or a watch!
White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Love Knot Necklace & Stud Earrings
For a fantastic mix of classic and chic this is a winner! I love how the white freshwater pearl is wrapped in a love knot; this necklace is an elegant addition to any look. I have these and I wear them all the time. They are a great size, and the contrast of the smooth and textured gold makes these unique.
When you’re Cartier Ring Replica shopping for the important women in your life, don’t forget to treat yourself! You won’t regret adding any of these lovely pieces to your jewelry wardrobe.
Winter Getaway Must-Have Jewelry
Brr! The temperatures are dropping, and I am dreaming of sandy beaches and the sound of waves. Right about now I could really go for a winter getaway.
When I plan outfits for a vacation, I definitely want to incorporate those bright, cheerful colors that come with summertime. Turquoise, Coral, and gold make any outfit feel beach appropriate. I’m excited to share a few pieces that I’m packing for my winter getaway along with my sunscreen and sunglasses, of course.
I’m in love with this Moda di Pietra! It adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit. With 2 strands, it also adds a simple layered look all in one piece.
Red Coral Bracelet
This is also a perfect pop of color. This piece is so easy to wear and pair with just about any outfit including your swimsuit.
These two turquoise beauties are must haves for any day spent beachside. With that beachy blue hue, you are sure to wear this every chance you get.
If you’re like me, you want an easy piece that you can throw on with any outfit and walk out the door feeling fabulous. This is your essential travel piece. They’re instant style for those fun in the sun days ahead.
What I love about these pieces is that Fake Cartier Ring they are all so versatile. You can mix Coral and Turquoise, Coral and gold, or any other combination you choose to make each outfit feel brand new.
Whether you’re going on a winter getaway or planning one for this summer, I hope you have fabulous travels filled with gorgeous jewelry.
Vanna K For Bella Luce: Valentine’s Day Gifts
Finding the right gift for your Valentine can be daunting, but shopping for your token of affection doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you think.  Of course, there are many options to choose from, including the typical flowers and chocolates. However, nothing says “I love you” like a perfectly crafted and thoughtfully selected piece of timeless jewelry.
Jewelry has serenaded the hearts of women for ages and although a lot has changed, the sentiment associated with gifting jewelry has not.  One reason I love receiving jewelry as a gift is because every time I wear it, I remember the special someone who gave it to me and I make that person a part of my everyday life whether or not we are physically together.  It’s a gift that you will cherish and have forever (unlike some of the above mentioned alternatives) and it carries a sentimental value which means more to me than any other gift someone could possibly give me.  Tuck a personal handwritten card along with that perfectly designed piece of jewelry and you have the most treasured gift she will ever receive! Here are a few of my personal favorite pieces to gift that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s arrow will definitely strike her heart with any one of the below options!
I don’t know a woman who doesn’t dream of having an If you choose to gift fine jewelry this Valentine’s Day, choose a piece that is truly timeless!  No piece of jewelry is more classic and timeless than a beautifully crafted tennis bracelet. What is so special about this style is the fact that the stones on a tennis bracelet are continuous throughout the entire length of the Cartier Ring Knockoff bracelet. If you want to tell her you love her “all the way” and not just half way, this meticulously crafted bracelet is the perfect gift. It also happens to be the ultimate statement in luxury and sophistication!
Vanna K (Tm) For Bella Luce (R) 4.14ctw Round Platineve (Tm) Pendant With Chain
The solitaire design is used to describe a single diamond or gemstone set into a piece of jewelry.  The most popular solitaire styles vary by diamond shapes, but the round solitaire is the most iconic of them all.  What sets this apart from others is the unique pave setting that cradles the flawless Bella Luce round stone.  The crowned jewel hangs on a dangle from a pave set bail and a smaller, equally dazzling round stone at the center.  Tell her she’s the only one and the center of your universe with this necklace and watch the magic come to play.
I absolutely adore gifts with thought and meaning.  Gifting the one you love an is sweet and meaningful at the same time. Tell her she’s your angel on earth without having to utter a single word.  Angels are believed to be messengers from heaven, who are here to love, support, protect, and guide us.  Being a symbol of protection, it relates to the idea of having a guardian angel, a long standing symbol of spirituality, protection and love.
Exquisite. Luxurious. Sparkling.  How can cupid go wrong with these beauties?  A blooming round Bella Luce stone is nestled in a pave encrusted cushion shaped pillow in all its three dimensional glory.  The beautiful drop is connected to the pave bail with a smaller round stone at the center, providing the perfect movement and dangle for a mesmerizing look – with her hair up in a sexy up do or down in casual chic style. Gents: You don’t have to worry about sizing with these treasures. You’ll be gifting her the moon and the stars!
As a hopeless romantic, I’ve always been a big fan of what is called the “Three Stone Ring” or “Trilogy” style ring. This design, which consists of three stones set next to one another, holds a different meaning than the traditional solitaire and tells a story unique to the wearer.  The three Real 18k Gold Cheap Cartier Earrings stones represent the “past, present, and future,” although my personal take is “today, tomorrow, and forever.”  Alternatively, the ring can symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity. The present is the most significant time period in your life and is represented by the middle and largest stone. The center is a perfectly cut emerald shaped stone, flanked on each side by square princess shaped stones with pave set halos. The is the ultimate symbol of your lasting commitment.
Vanna K (Tm) For Bella Luce (R) 4.71ctw Platineve (Tm) Earrings
“I heart you”
The universal symbol of the heart demonstrates love in any language.  I love receiving gifts that have a meaning because it reminds me of the special person who gave it to me every time I wear it.  The heart is a personal expression that is shared outwardly when worn, which is why a heart makes a beautiful gift for any kind of loving relationship, be it romantic, family, or friendship. For some people, it is also a symbol of fertility and serves as protection against evil spirits or devotion to a deity. For lovers, it says “I give my heart to you” and communicates those three very simple, but meaningful words, “I love you,” without you having to say a word.
I can’t think of a more fitting Valentine’s Day gift than this and matching ensemble, which is the perfect combination of vintage glamour (think pave!) and contemporary stylization (sleek channel set baguettes).