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From Van Cleef & Arpels’s seemingly infinite Alhambra universe comes a new constellation@leix.su

From Van Cleef & Arpels’s seemingly infinite Alhambra universe comes a new constellation of fine which adds another playful twist to the Alhambra's famous logo-inspired jewels.
The light-filled new replica cartier bracelet Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection is once again inspired by the flowers of the iconic as seen on leather goods, trunks and fabrics for more than a century. If you recall, the Clover motifs is made up of three simple geometric shapes: one is a round-petal quatrefoil flower inside a circle; another a simple four-armed star-shaped flower; while the third is the same shape in negative, inside a diamond with tapered points.
Playing with these simple yet versatile shapes, the Clover design atelier in Paris brings new life to these enduring motifs. The in white and yellow gold, and the Star gems in white or rose gold, have been treated to a shimmering of diamonds and the moonlight iridescence of mother-of-pearl.
It is interesting to note that this is the first time has featured mother-of-pearl in its Alhambra collection. But since Clover prides itself on doing things its own way, the mother-of-pearl is facetted into a gently rounded cabochon shape, which adds extra depth and a fake cartier bracelet luxurious play of nacre to these delicate fine Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery UK pieces. The soft sheen of mother-of-pearl is the perfect companion to the brilliance of diamonds and highly polished gold.
The radiate warmth thanks to the use of summer-bright white gold or hazy warm yellow gold. The gold circle around each of the motifs is either fluted to create a mirage of light, or set with diamonds to dazzle with their fire.
The is distinguishable by their generous diamond settings as well as the openwork gold, which allows for sizeable proportions without the weight of solid cast gold.
Strung on dainty chains, dangling from pendants or set on simple gold bands as a the replica van cleef & arpels jewelry have a resolutely contemporary feel, even if the original Alhambra pattern has its roots in the Victorian era. The long chains and earrings are designed to be worn every day, thanks to the alhambra's delightfully informal sense of luxury.
Forever innovating, cheap cartier bracelet the, first seen 15 years ago, now consists of the Alhambra pendant, Idylle, Fusion and Dentelle collections. Testimony to the creative force of Clover's design team, these fine Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery UK pieces remain fresh and distinctive. Using a range of materials and differing levels of opulence, the perennial Alhambra pattern proves that good design lives on and on.
I wonder what Van Cleef & Arpels, who devised the original Alhambra motif in 1896 to protect his steamer trunks from counterfeits, would make of the lifecycle of his famous geometric design?
Why wait until September to buy the product of 2016 autumn winters, Vogue fashion network to teach you how to Look at It in the spring. Increasingly desalt seasonal fashion, fur can T stage, transverse spring and summer and in autumn winter show is always emerge a lot of excellent spring (perhaps because the southern hemisphere countries such as Australia in winter we need them?) . 2016 autumn/winter in New York fashion week, from Michael Kors, Alexander Wanbg, Rag&Bone and Altuzarra four brilliant looks reflect new mix just gives us inspiration to shape the refreshing spring model.
Michael Kors tassels skirt Look this spring wear
Camel suede tassel is knockoff cartier bracelet 18k gold western amorous feelings, this is the point of spring and summer fashion it on Michael Kors shows low-key collect inside and white double-breasted coat photograph, perfectly interpret American leisure dress designer brand luxury concept. Coat skirt tassels of static and moving to the comfortable spring model is suitable for movement.
Alexander Wang Cravat scarf Look this spring wear
Obviously, Cravat scarf is no longer the man’s patent, it also don’t have to be matched with bespoke suit and white shirt. Alexander Wang recommended the latest is the knot inside coriaceous shirt, and then set of wool on A dress. So this spring like dark between you can be in the neck to a color. Add oil head handsome edge points, and Wang girls no matter in winter or spring and summer have unique neutral charm.
Rag&Bone team jacket + pencil skirt Look this spring wear
The school team jackets and pinstripe pencil skirt? Seemingly unrelated, but the former boy gas recreational Cheap Cartier Necklace feeling with the latter workplace demeanor at Rag&Bone shows hit out sparks. Combined with dynamic “made for walking” with short boots, so the perfect mix of spring is the essence of fashion?
Altuzarra tassel scarf + spring coat Look this spring wear
What is better than a surrounded by tassel of the scarf can bring rhythm of quietly elegant of spring coats? Match into thin with short boots and minimalist hand bag, define modern elegant modelling was born in spring
“Pollen allergy,” if you don’t want to use 3 d flowers of dolce &gabbana dress disguised himself as a romantic garden a mobile, also don’t need to color and printing upon yourself. At least for Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung and Rita Ora this four star, black and white spring assembly red lip is the absolute principle.