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Madagascar aquamarine is in dark blue. imitation Van Cleef & Arpels

Aquamarine mainly occurs in PEGMATITE DEPOSITS - granulated sugar albite pegmatite. The common crystal form is six square columns, and the second is the six square pyramid, and the aggregate is more columnar. Glass luster, transparent to translucent. The refractive index 1.567-1.590, birefringence 0.005-0.007. Obvious color, blue to blue green. Hardness 7.5, density 2.68-2.80 g / cubic centimeter. Shell fracture. X - ray irradiation does not emit light. Good toughness.
Aquamarine is far from its precious precious emerald, but have long been favorite. It is considered to be symbol of happiness and eternal youth, also believes that it can give the replica Van Cleef Arpels wearer and with knowledge and with foresight. Some think it a hypnotic ability that a population containing the aquamarine, then he can from hell to summon a devil, and get answers to any questions he wanted to ask the, also believes it has pressure the evil power to enable the wearer to triumph over evil.
Legend, in the azure sea lived a mermaid, they usually use Aquamarine as their own accessories, dress up oneself, when it came to the key moment, simply let the gem to accept the sun imitation Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry exposure, you can get the mysterious power to help you. Therefore, aquamarine has a nickname "Mermaid stone", this and March Pisces just shine upon each other. Either the east or the west, water as the source of life, and March is all sentient species upon earth began to perk up the time, so with "water" attributes of aquamarine is defined for March Birthstone, a symbol of calm, brave and clever. Westerners generally wear aquamarine, can make people have clover necklace Van Cleef replica prophetic vision.
With the development of science, about Birthstone has protective evil magic, to bring good luck, such as statement, people are not convinced. However, as a kind of cultural precipitation and good expectations, the custom of wearing the birth of stone will continue to spread.
Aquamarine is the most curative effect of crystal can improve respiratory problems and strengthen the expression skills, persuasiveness, planning ability, can also protect travellers peace. Water, water, fire, wind four elements, powerful treatment, purification, power sources.
In the past, consumers in general impression of aquamarine cracks, impurities, multi Cartier Replica Jewelry processing for pendant, bracelet, necklace. And in recent years, due to the improvement of exploration technology found new mine, on the market have also appeared in many heads large, clean, deep colour of Aquamarine Ring surface. In the more profitable price aquamarine, ordinary beads by or grams of calculation, a higher level of the varieties more by carat calculation, per carat price a few hundred to several thousand dollars, big grain expensive Aquamarine a ring surface has more than 100 carats, prices in the hundreds of thousands of yuan.
Although compared with diamonds, emeralds and other precious jewels, aquamarine's popularity is not high, but in recent years, with increase of women's pursuit of the jewelry degree, high price of aquamarine into the consumer perspective. Size of aquamarine after processing, wearing in the chest especially beautiful, it is able to attract the eye, compared to other expensive jewelry, affordable aquamarine is many Evergo good choice, but Aquamarine texture more brittle, wear should pay attention to avoid the collision. The jewelry collection value embodied in the beauty of whether, aquamarine, weight, color, clarity is an important factor. Generally speaking, a large, clean, and the color is more close to the appreciation potential of the deep sea Aqua greater, dozens of carat specifications the bane of surface can be preferred this weight is not uncommon in the world, at present in the world the biggest Aquamarine crystal weighed 243 pounds as. The permeability of aquamarine is good, a glance through to the end, and in addition to the pale blue aquamarine and after thermal processing of aquamarine, processed color deeper more good-looking, but the processing does not affect the quality, won't appear faded or reverse. The world's most famous Aquamarine origin in Brazil and Madagascar, Brazilian Aquamarine green with blue, Madagascar aquamarine is in dark blue.
A lot of things are like this, when concern, when the price increase will appear, imitation and counterfeit goods. The market and aquamarine similar gems are mainly Blue Topaz (Topaz), blue zircon, quartz, glass and synthetic spinel and so on. Compared to them, and topaz, a smaller proportion of the aquamarine, weigh hand, feel light and aquamarine and most of the time will faint yellow green belt, and change the color of Blue Topaz tended to be pure and simple. Compared with zircon, zircon has a larger proportion, with strong dispersion, appearance of light, and visible double shadow. Compared with the glass and synthetic spinel, aquamarine tend to have slight dichroism and aquamarine often visible gas-liquid two-phase package. In the visual condition, aquamarine blue crystal and it is difficult to distinguish. Identify key: color blue with green, and feel more light.
Since last year, large particles, good quality Aquamarine price rose 30%-50%, average also rose 10%. From the angle of view, aquamarine is currently in a very embarrassing position: both jewelry and ornaments, did not seem to have much value to the collection. The earth's crust in the sea sapphire more, processed into jewelry, 30 carat weight of the following special, there is no scarcity, the repo market is not expected to recover similar products. For the buyer who is wearing a beautiful, not like the 1 carat diamond that has value potential.