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Lead: each country has a different wedding customs, wedding jewelry wedding employed also have different requirements for stress, today Xiaobian inventory of aesthetic traditions from China to France and then Cartier jewelry replicas to the unique romantic classical Greek holiness States What are the wedding jewelry has different customs.

French romantic and elegant, classical Italian mystery, traditional Chinese aesthetic, is illustrated most vividly in jewelry design. Custom wedding jewelry in various countries, are also permeated with these feelings.
French born romantic character, Cartier Replica Jewelry but also gives unique jewelry French romantic, French and jewelry love inseparable lovers almost every stage has a different jewelry to witness. Offer, when to give the woman's engagement ring, if the woman agreed, generally rebate man a watch. If both the family has handed down antique replica Cartier jewelry wholesale jewelry will be passed to the new, meaning from generation to generation, the French romantic jewelry also reflected in the personality, replica Cartier jewelry the new general by the new custom made wedding ring, as two exclusive love witness.

Greek wedding ceremony is very complicated in the past, if not the church wedding, the wedding without even the legally recognized as the birthplace of European jewelry, wedding in Greece for the wedding ring of choice is a traditional, high quality replica Cartier jewelry old patterns olive, laurel, etc., people will be able to identify the Greek style, in addition, the inside of the ring will be engraved with the couple's name, to take exclusive. Because many people are Greek Orthodox, replica Bvlgari jewelry so they generally put the wedding ring worn on the right.

India should be the largest gold consuming countries, the Indian wedding, the bride wished he could surround the body with gold, replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry wearing colored gold jewelry, carving patterns are broken ancient exotic, local argument is wearing more gold jewelry the bride, her husband will be home attention, but also the bride's jewelry called "life-sized gold."

Italy's world-famous jewelry, bringing together many of the world's top jewelry brands. In the minds of Italian jewelry she was given a symbol of beauty and love of the faithful. With classical Italian Hermes jewelry replica jewelery married, the couple also advocating for love, of course, very luxurious palace atmosphere. Italy still has such a local custom, the groom before the wedding day to accept the ring, the bride can not wear any jewelry, otherwise there will be bad luck.