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February 14 every year is Tanabata Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day in 2017 to send is that you care about her a performance, especially intentions prepared Valentine’s Day gift, the feelings of lovers Is very important to the Valentine’s Day to send a gift? For people who like Western Replica Cartier Earrings culture, February 14 should be familiar with this day, then on this day if you send a gift to see his girlfriend, said Not sure each other immediately wanted to marry you, passionate roses believe that many girls will not refuse to send such a love rose, presumably your love, needless to say the other side will know that if you want more special Some, you can create a rose in the suburbs outside the sea, and then send a man’s life can only customize a wedding bracelet, romantic scenes, Fake Cartier Love Earrings deep meaning bracelet, so unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift which girls will not be moved It.
2017 Valentine’s Day to send a In fact, the story of chocolate is to give love to people, it is sweet with a bitter taste, more like noisy but sweetheart lover, if it is the type of girlfriend, chocolate Lovers plush toys not only for the innocence of his girlfriend, mature and elegant girlfriend is also suitable, and this gift will give a warm feeling. 2017 Valentine’s Day to send a good gift? Romantic Valentine’s Day gift is the only commitment, a DR wedding bracelet, life only love a person’s promise, such a Valentine’s Day gift you willing to accept? As long as it is to send their own sincere gift , Lovers will be happy. dr what does it mean dr family.
3.8 Queen’s Day romantic declaration of love ring
Love needs to be expressed. If you do not express love, life will lose a lot of fun and you will lose some chances of 3.8 Queen’s Day Romantic Declaration of Love, Saying Your Love Out loud, What kind of love Cheap Cartier Juste un Clou Earrings declaration is moving? 3.8 Queen’s romantic declaration of love now!
3.8 Queen’s Day romantic declaration of love: Couples necklaces, bracelets and even clothes, can also be a declaration of love, when we see them who these couple’s items, they can quickly know their relationship, so, you guys You can also use this approach, such as the purchase of lovers, wearing a couple style jewelry, etc., this straightforward and romantic way may be more suitable for you! If at this moment you have the conditions, you can give your 
3.8 Queen’s Day romantic declaration of love: marriage need to marry him, this is not just a ceremony, it is a declaration of you declare to each other that she loved you is the person who will go Amulette de Cartier Earrings Outlet with him after you, when you marry Do not need to have too much sweet talk, but should be full of your sincerity and a heartfelt sincere and prepared surprise, let the other party to understand your intentions.
3.8 Queen’s Day romantic declaration of love: Love couple to the depths of the situation, will choose tattoo tattoo way, will belong to the two unique story, tattooed into a special symbol or pattern, which is a declaration of love, declared The love between two people, of course, this method is only suitable for people who have tattoos, if both are not too acceptable for this, then you can also use the following way, 3.8 Queen’s Day romantic declaration of love, I love you Do not just talk about it, if you met the only true love of life Do not forget the 38th with a to tell her, you are the only person I want to marry in my life.


in the evaluation, too extravagant fake popular. jewelry designer cleverly the traditional gorgeous colors and classical style and solemn elegance of the mutual integration of the design to produce a seemingly ordinary simple decorations at the same time, but also to give buyers a different kind of Of the extra surprise.
 fake Hermes unique Real18k Gold Hermes Clic H Ring Replica pattern platinum bracelet
Located in Paris, France Hermes, is the world’s leading luxury brand. Today, Hermes has long been a branch all over the world, its wide range, has been loyal to the traditional handicraft design and manufacturing, and continue to pursue innovation and reform, many good products have become rich and famous celebrities are the best choice.
Its manufacturing bags, perfume industry-leading brand. By the leading brand derived from but also a fire. However, jewelry by people’s affirmation, with its beautiful characteristics Solid 18k Gold Cheap Hermes Clic H Ring and a sense of balance is full of a sense of perfection is inseparable.
It is the designers of the design of excellence will have so many surprises to thank them.
Cartier Engagement Rings Picture and Price Cartier Engagement Diamond Ring
Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in the mid-19th century began to be famous. Known as “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler” is the luxury of the world’s fashion dream. Cartier is not only a symbol of high society, but also witness the eternal love of the classic brand. For centuries, Cartier witnessed countless eternal love and commitment, so whether it has a certain status of people, or young couples, Cartier has always passed irresistible love magic.
Cartier Engagement Rings Picture and Price Cartier Engagement Diamond Ring, Wedding Ring, is the most exquisite, luxurious wedding jewelry, become the current fashionable young couples and newlyweds pursued.
Cartier development so far, its brand value is far higher than other brands, so the price is far more expensive Fake Hermes H Enamel Ring than other brands, an ordinary engagement ring prices have more than ten thousand yuan, if the quality is better or engagement ring, Its price is to be expensive on several times.
Cartier, suitable for high-end people in society or the pursuit of quality of life, the higher the level of economic people. In fact, the engagement ring does not need to pay too much attention to the brand or buy too expensive, engagement ring is a love for their love of a commitment, there is enough that heart, and now a lot of ring brand, you can choose some of their own economic level can represent you Between the exclusive love of the engagement ring.
Cartier and Kelan Which brand is good? Kelan Diamonds is the first batch of professional jewelery brands to sell in e-commerce diamonds. Kelan diamonds buy first-hand diamonds from South Africa and save a high admission fee through a new sales model combined Replica Hermes Ring UK with office sales and online sales , So the price of diamonds is not high.
Cartier SA (Cartier SA) is a French watch and jewelry manufacturers, in the mid-19th century began to be famous. Is one of the most well-known and oldest brands. Known as “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler” is the luxury of the world’s fashion dream.
Cartier and Kelan which cost-effective? Kelan is the domestic sales of electronic diamonds diamond jewelry brand, with office direct sales and network sales combined with the sales model in the jewelry industry to lead a new benchmark. Compared with the traditional jewelry brand, Kelan province to a high amount of site fees and sales links, so Kelan diamond ring price cheaper than the average jewelry brand.
And Cartier is a world famous luxury brand, its brand value is higher, so reflected in the price of jewelry, Cartier jewelry price than Kelan expensive, compared to Kelan more cost-effective.
Which good is Cartier and De Beers? De Beers, founded in 1888, is now headquartered in Luxembourg, mainly engaged in diamond ore mining, trade, industrial diamond production and processing, under its famous diamond consulting center DTC is responsible for diamond sorting, pricing and sales trade volume calculation, occupy About 40% of the world’s Hermes Collier de Chien PM Ring Replica diamond trade. Everyone is most familiar with the “one forever”, is De Beers was the propaganda, the diamond as a symbol of love and commitment, greatly enhance the consumer demand for diamonds.
Cartier Cartier is the last two centuries by the European royal family and the upper class favorite and sought after diamond ring brand. Cartier Cartier represents the pursuit of fashion, known as the “royal jewelry”, and Dai Beiers than, Cartier’s history is more long.
Which is good for Cartier and De Beers
Cartier and De Beers
Which is your Cartier and De Beers? From the price point of view, the price of 1 carat diamond ring because of the different quality of diamond 4C will have a relatively large difference, De Beers 1 carat diamond ring VVS, the color of the diamond level in the DF level to tens of thousands of Oh, and Cartier’s cheapest diamond ring In Hong Kong to sell more than 7,000 Hong Kong dollars. The price of a carat diamond than the same level of diamond on the market price more than doubled.
From the style, De Beers and Cartier are taking the luxury high-end line, more suitable for the pursuit of gorgeous personality, the level of economic personnel to allow the demand for fashion.
What is good for Cartier and Gold? Cartier Cartier has a long history, the world famous jewelry brand, its marriage proposal diamond ring, classic wedding diamond ring is the most perfect wedding jewelry. Carter represents the pursuit of fashion, but also witness the eternal love of the classic fake cartier jewelry brand. Inheritance of classic love for more than 100 years, witnessed countless eternal love and commitment.
Kim Chongzheng brand concept as “gorgeous, elegant”, the famous song days Kelly Chen for its spokesperson. In addition, Kim Zong main sales and custom diamond and precious stones for the guests, the implementation of membership, to meet the unique preferences of guests, enhance customer satisfaction. Gold Supreme special gold jewelry, the process is very good, gold purity is guaranteed.
Cartier and Gold Extreme Which is good?
Buy a diamond ring is good or a good card to the best
Buy a diamond ring is good or good gold card is good? In the diamond ring in this regard, the gold van cleef arpels replica jewelry supreme strength is the gold jewelry, and Cartier’s positioning is high-end jewelry, the price of gold supreme than Cartier more close to the people, in fact, choose the diamond ring can not just look at the brand, a diamond ring depends more on the value Diamond quality, and the quality of diamonds mainly by the diamond 4c standard to decide,
In addition, the fluorescent effect of diamonds is also a major factor affecting the price of diamonds, diamond ring in the purchase of the time or to consider all aspects of the factors, can not blindly pursue the brand.

Simple is the United States: single diamond ring the most enduring@leix.su

Many young people like to use the diamond ring to love to express their love, but in the selection of diamond rings, but often difficult, do not know how to choose the most suitable for love that one. Real 18k Gold Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet Replica Classic diamond ring and what, and what are the characteristics of the classic style it, today Xiaobian finishing some of the classic diamond ring style pictures and everyone to enjoy, hoping to help you find Replica Cartier jewelrythe most suitable for their own that one.
Simple is the United States: single diamond ring the most enduring
If you want to buy a can from 20 years old has been worn to the 80-year-old diamond ring, then the single diamond ring is definitely the most suitable for you Oh Single diamond ring is currently on the market the most enduring style, never felt that this style diamond ring will be Solid 18k Gold Copy Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet eliminated in one day. There are a lot of young people said that the simple style can not reflect the personality, but it is this personality is not the “personality”, so that a single diamond ring to become more want to buy a hedge ring of consumers preferred. Timely in the information developed today, the most simple diamond ring style or to stabilize the status of sales dominance.
Single heart-shaped diamond ring: give you a princess-like dream
Single heart-shaped diamond ring is also a lot of young people are willing to buy a diamond ring. Many girls in a small time there will be a princess dream, and men who have to protect the love of this piece of innocence, nature is to take care of their “princess dream.” Single heart-shaped diamond ring, is the fairy tale princess standard, to the girls unparalleled romantic feeling. At the same time, heart-shaped diamond ring is also the main Cheap Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet hit the retro card, fit the current fashion trend, even if your wedding is not as fair as the fairy tale, but the heart-shaped diamond ring will still give you a lot of romantic love Oh The
Better highlight the beauty of diamonds: four claw mosaic diamond ring
Speaking of simple and classic combination, no one jeweler will miss the four-jaw mosaic diamond ring. This kind of style diamond ring although it looks not too bright, but can from different angles to release the beauty of the diamond ring, so that the whole diamond looks more transparent. At the same time four-jaw mosaic of the diamond ring can also ensure that the diamond and ring ring firm, timely ring looks very thin, but the firmness is fully guaranteed. Fingers slender women wear this diamond ring, it will appear as the same as the light blue fingers Oh.
Choose a suitable for their own diamond ring is very important, and your fingers will play a short role in avoiding, from the diamond ring style picture appreciation, we have not found the most Fake Hermes Collier de Chien PM Bracelet suitable for their own that?
Marriage is a top priority in life, usually in the day of marriage will each diamond ring. Because the diamond ring is a witness of love, and diamond ring is very beautiful. Is a noble symbol, and in the diamond ring to wear when they should be aware of the diamond ring knowledge. Because the master of www.thereal.su the diamond ring knowledge, in the diamond ring when buying, you can prevent the purchase of fake and shoddy products. At the same time can also be on the diamond ring maintenance, to extend the use of diamond ring time.
Knowledge of the diamond ring to understand the time, first of all should be on the diamond ring level to understand. In the classification of the time, should be on the specific principles, conditions, etc. to understand. Should be the corresponding color to consider, the more colorless, then the value of the diamond ring higher. Diamond ring with less debris, Replica Hermes Bracelet UK then the clarity will be relatively high, of course, the corresponding value, it will be improved. In the diamond ring grading conditions, in the classification of the time, usually need more than two diamond graders. And to use ten times the magnifying glass, the shape of the diamond, inclusions or flaws and the number of specific location to understand. At the same time should also be on the standard color, requiring similar shape.
Of course, in the diamond ring of knowledge, the color of the ring when the ring, but also should be aware of the relevant matters needing attention. In the classification of the color, it is often a subjective process, so the color time should not be too long. Because the time is too long, it is easy to cause glasses fatigue. Rotate the ring, the color will change slightly. And in the brown diamond ring to observe the time, it should be on the color saturation of the consideration.

TOP 10 FAVORITES OF 2018@mimo.su

The end of the year is coming along with the gift-giving season, so we decided to recap our best sellers for holiday inspiration. There are several brands that stand out as the favorites of 2017 and we highlighted the most popular watches and jewelry from each. Check out the top 10 brands and the items that everyone wants this season.
1. Cartier
Cartier has definitely topped off the list this year. The ever-popular jewelry and watch company performed as Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Rings expected — incredibly well. In recent years, the Love collection has undoubtedly increased in popularity and the Love bracelet has become a must-have accessory.
Alongside Love bracelets were Love rings. The small accessory is identical in looks and meaning, but more convenient to put on and take off. Trinity rings from the Must de Cartier collection were also a popular choice this year. Cartier also has some of the most popular ladies watches for the year with the Ballon Bleu and Tank Francaise.
2. Rolex
Rolex can in a close second to Cartier. Many models were popular across the board with the exception of the Submariner. The Submariner has been a Rolex staple since 1953. Through the years, the watch has changed in materials, but little in appearance. This makes the Submariner a popular choice for pre-owned watch buyers.
Other popular Rolex Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Ring models from the year include the Datejust and Datejust II, the Day-Date, Daytona, Explorer II, GMT-Master, Milgauss and Yachtmaster. Rolex watches hold their value and quality well, making them a great choice for a pre-owned pick.
3. Chanel
Coco Chanel was a ground-breaking fashion designer and her influence is still felt in nearly every facet of women’s fashion. This is especially true in jewelry. Chanel paved the way in making costume jewelry a commonplace in a woman’s wardrobe. Even today vintage Chanel pieces are still in fashion.
The most popular items also follow current trends. This year, statement earrings and bold jewelry are a fashion must and our best selling Chanel was oversized CC logo earrings. Logo and chain necklaces were also a favorite statement piece. Finally, faux pearl earrings and necklaces, a classic Chanel look, were also a top pick.
4. Tiffany & Co.
Everyone wants a little blue box, so it’s no wonder Tiffany & Co. is a constant top seller. The classic heart tag reading, “Please Return to Tiffany & Co.” is an icon and best seller overall for the year with close runners up in other classic designs.
Designed by daughter of Pablo Picasso, Paloma Picasso is the Tiffany designer behind the Open Heart motif. Elsa Peretti is the designer behind several famous Tiffany designs, including the teardrop. Cheap Van Cleef Clover Ring Both of these motifs are favorites in necklace and earring designs.
5. David Yurman
American designer David Yurman is known for his signature look — cable. Yurman uses twisted sterling silver for the cable motif and it’s heavily featured in all of his designs. The trendiest and most popular was the cable bracelet set with a gemstone on either end.
Also featuring the cable motif, earrings and necklaces from the Albion collection which feature colorful gemstones set in a cable frame. Finally, rings featuring a large, colorful gemstone were also best sellers.
6. Omega
Omega is a common watch fan favorite. The brand has an interesting history and even holds the title of first watch on the moon. Omega watches also come at a moderate price for a high qaulity and reliable sports watches.
Favorites from Omega include the Seamaster, Speedmaster and Constellation. Each of these watches were also sold in their vintage form. Throughout the decades, Omega watches have been refined in design to match the times. However, many watch aficionados love the Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring throwback look of a vintage piece.
7. Hermes
Hermes is widely known for their leather goods, but they also create beautiful jewelry designs in iconic and original motifs. The most popular motif is the Chaine d’Ancre. This is popular in rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings and just about any other form of jewelry you can think of.
The most popular single item is the enamel bracelet. These bangle-style bracelets come in so many different colors and patterns, yet remain distinctively Hermes. You’ll always find a piece that feels like its one of a kind.
8. cartier
The Italian luxury jeweler and watchmaker is known for its famous Serpenti design. Pieces featuring the elegant serpentine design have also topped the wish lists and best seller list for the year.
The Serpenti watch with it’s unique and beautiful design was a top choice for buyers of this brand. Along with the watch, Serpenti rings were also a must-have. For those who appreciate simpler desings, the B.Zero1 is the perfect alternative and just as loved.
9. Breitling 
Breitling, founded in 1884, is know for its chronometers especially used for aviation and racing. And the most popular models definitely reflect the brand’s roots. One of the most famous Breitling models, Replica Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring the Navitimer, was the first choice for many this year.
Over 10 years ago, Breitling partnered with Bentley to creat a watch in celebration of a Bentley winning the 24-hour Le Mans race. More recently, Breitling revisited this partnership for an updated take on the Breitling for Bentley, and this was a best seller.
10. Van Cleef & Arpels
Rounding out our list is the eternally classic Van Cleef & Arpels. The French jeweler and watchmaker is responsibile for one of the most coveted and iconic jewelry collections in recent decades.
The Alhambra collection was introduced in the 1960s to a slow start. However, the past two decades have seen a resurgence in the elegant, clover design. Pieces from the Alhambra collection, including necklaces, earrings and rings, were the top choices from the jeweler.

Best van cleef & arpels jewelry designs have what?@leix.su

Salvador Dali, Spanish surrealist painter, printmaker, sculptor, stage designer and art writer. Daly was a man of extraordinary talent and imagination of artists to explore the subconscious imagery known. In 1982 the King of Spain Juan Carlos I to him as Pu Boer Marquis. With Picasso, Real 18k Gold Replica Van Cleef Arpels Necklace Matisse is considered along with the twentieth century, the most representative of three painters. But few people know that he also designed jewelry
, He was a prolific designer jewelry.
This is specifically for the Gala Gala Dali design. Heart is really beating. Daly, a noble heart will beat (Note that the video started talking when I’m surprised) inlaid with gold ruby texture heart-shaped base, symbolizing the blood and blood vessels. When Gala walking time, this brooch will her steps and jump, this is the jewel of the place where the most boggling.
With his paintings, like the gorgeous surreal jewelry differs from all other
It can be said that I think by far the best jewelry designs.
Dali once said: “Solid 18k Gold Cheap Van Cleef Arpels Necklace UK My art covering physics, mathematics, architecture, nuclear science, psychiatry, as well as jewelry, so my painting is just one part of it, but I do jewelry starting point is – protest mediocre copy materials emphasize the value of
. My goal is to make jeweler who see – the value of jewelery design and craftsmanship and higher than the value of these gems gold material. ”
Other works of Salvador Dali.
“Bleeding World”
He would personally go to pick a variety of colored gemstones, rubies on behalf of energy, peacock blue represents serenity, sky blue and then about the subconscious. His early attempts to produce a very stunning visual effects, those rubies and pearls sexy lips, eyes bird tears Fake Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Necklace dripping gemstones, diamonds are broken ruby heart, full of exquisite small grape-like skull and crossbones brooch jewelry … It became his surreal another carrier.
“Ray the cross of Christ.”
“Tree of Life Necklace”
Daly There is a strong deterrent to the charm of the soul, the bloody ruby crystal fragmentation … such a beautiful thing, but it contains a tearing pain, subconscious fear of the shadows, as well as full of dramatic mood.
“Eye of Time”
Ancients materials used techniques clearly more artistic, Who we focus only on the appreciation of it is to buy gold.
The day before yesterday, an American studying a friend told me that she was looking at the history of jewelry, they had relevant electives, she said, the history of your good jewelry simple. I said okay, is not simple. A human thing from beginning to appear as long as the research would not be easy.
Only now, few people find it “useful” only. If students are interested in ancient Chinese jewelry can look at the teacher’s Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Pendant Yang water “luxury color” three of a very beautiful presentation of a Chinese gold and silver jewelry and books.
World famous jewelry designers and representatives
The designer’s creativity is the soul of a piece of jewelry, jewelry and mostly works with a strong personality, you can tell the difference one, this is from the designer’s sake. Below we have a few jewelry designers and brand representatives to be introduced.
Jeanne. Tucson
Service brand:
Work style: back to nature
Representative works:
Jeanne. Tucson
Around gathered a group of very talented designers such as Charles Jaco (Charles Jasqueau); top craftsmen, such as watchmakers Maurice cue (MauriceCouet) and Edmund · Jesus heat Real 18k Gold Cheap Van Cleef Arpels Bracelet (Edmond Jaeger). He will also be a group of like-minded, full of devotion to its colleagues recruited, (JeanneToussaint) outstanding as Ms. Jeanne Toussaint. Louis’s work is not only the perfect fusion of classical and modern spirit, also has a unique copy van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace
Cartier “Puma” jewelry
Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel) lady friend designer Jeanne Toussaint is a skilled, distinctive designer. Also Louis Cartier a respectable business partners, help her, Louis Cartier have created a variety of haute couture jewelery indispensable, and with a number of top fashion designers including Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, and Schiaparelli cooperation. Who was nicknamed “Puma” female designer in 1933 was re-appointed as Cartier fine jewelry department head. She made “Puma” has become a hot product, called Cartier logo. Jeanne Toussaint believed that art should be designed to return to nature, animals and plants sector begins with nature for inspiration and contemporary fashion celebrities, including Barbara Hutton, the Duchess of Windsor and Nina Diyer other customers produced a remarkable and unique jewelry kit, including the Duchess of Windsor’s famous Van Cleef Arpels Bracelet Replica UK sapphire brooch leopard, which later became the Duke of Windsor’s personal symbol.
Paloma Picasso
Service Brand: Tiffany
Work style: bright colors, vibrant
Representative works: Tiffany graffiti series
palsma picasso
Paloma Picasso is a world-renowned jewelry designer and fashion icon. Ms. Picasso will be integrated into the bright colored gemstone jewelry designs to create a unique, high-impact and modern jewelry, and therefore acclaimed.
Paloma Picasso was born in 1949 in Paris, the son of Pablo Picasso (Pablo Picasso), mother Francoise – Gilo (Francoise Gilot). Paloma – Picasso’s childhood in Paris and southern France, spent his childhood in the artists and intellectuals atmosphere nurtured growth; adult, she went to the University of Nanterre is located in Paris (Université de Paris) Training and graduation after the start of some of Paris avant-garde theater productions as a costume and stage designer image.
Paloma – Picasso’s jewelry design talent quickly most vividly demonstrated in the theater. Play it by ear, she uses gemstones Folie-Bergeres swimsuit on a series of strings made of rhinestone necklace by theater critic appreciated. Encouraged by Paloma Picasso decided to return to school to receive formal training in jewelry design and production, in order to play in this respect talent. A year later, Paloma Picasso • The first work to show her friends and well-known fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent • (Yves Saint Laurent). Yves Saint Laurent immediately asked her to design a fashion collection for jewelry. Thereafter, Paloma Picasso and • the House of Zolotas gold jewelry design, which absorb a lot of practical knowledge of jewelry making, so that her design skills to perfection.
In 1973, Paloma Solid 18k Gold Fake Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Bracelet Picasso’s father died. She temporarily interrupted jewelry design in favor of finishing his father’s legacy and to contribute to the construction of the Picasso Museum in Paris. In 1979, John Loring, design director of Tiffany invited Paloma Picasso Tiffany • an exhibition design tableware. The next year, the company launched Tiffany Paloma Picasso for the first time • exclusive design jewelry series. The new eye-catching series of jewelry, bold style, such as graffiti, bright colors, sharp contrast, a launch that is very popular.
Palomar 18K gold and sterling silver jewelry or surface smooth and detailed, or show the unique embossed texture, with various rare stones, each design is bright sparkling, vibrant, full display designers rich imagination .
Ms. Picasso liked to the peculiar shape, chain rings and braided texture to express their design ideas, color combinations also makes a difference, for which she won the contemporary international jewelry industry’s top designers in the world. In the many years of cooperation with Tiffany & Co., she created a lot of unparalleled treasures, including the use of massive and Rarity jewel made of precious necklace. Tiffany graffiti series
John Loring evaluation Paloma Picasso designed as a “strong and distinct style.” John Loring said: “Paloma Picasso and Tiffany jewelry designs are seeking to simplify .X series, scribble series, zigzag series and graffiti series are perfect highlight the design features Ms. Picasso In addition, large amounts of gold jewelry with. a wide variety of dazzling gems, most vividly reflected Ms. Picasso’s life for the bright colors and rich modeling love. ”
In 2005, Tiffany became the exclusive designer celebrating the 25th anniversary of the occasion, Ms. Picasso specially designed set with a 28.94 kt tanzanite in the South Pacific with colorful pearl and gemstone necklace made of luxury. In 2010, at the time a 30-year collaboration with Tiffany Paloma Picasso • the introduction of three new jewelry series: Paloma’s Knockoff Van Cleef and Arpels Butterfly Bracelet Marrakesh, Hammered Circles and Paloma’s Dove, the perfect interpretation of its timeless design and technology to attain quality.
Philippe Tournair
Service brand: Tournair, I Do
Work style: break with tradition, romantic, building miniature
Representative works: I DO Champs Kiss
Philippe Tournair
Philippe Tournaire (Philippe Du River Ray) is proficient in Lyon, France, polished stones and mosaics master figure, known as the leader in jewelery design colorful new ideas flourish. TOURNAIRE, the world-famous jewelry brand, 1984 by the fingertips Artist – Philippe Tournaire (. Philip Du River mine) was founded in France, the flagship store is located in Paris’s famous Place Vendome, designed to attract a lot of keen insight dignitaries, in the jewelry industry, the watch industry and the arts are entitled to a place.
When early into the precious metal decoration industry, Philippe with a scene about a decade or so, alone in a cave by the transformation of the abandoned studio, in the endless solitude, in search of freedom of the bright light that wire guidance lies. At the end of this “lonely” life, he began his European tour, trip to Africa, the Middle East tours and trip to America. These experiences, the right to help his design philosophy and ideological connotations being conducted to understand the followers of different nationalities.
Champs Kiss
From here Philippe Tournaire, jewelery break with tradition, founded the architectural work of art become history – whether it is a pair of lovers dream cabin, or somewhere memorable, bearing in mind the historical moment of the grand monuments, and every time he with stunning miniature way, and in the confusion between fingertips.
Has established long-term strategic cooperation with the I Do’s Philippe Tournaire, as chief designer brands, according to the latest European and American jewelry and clothing trends, the annual rate of support I Do whole design team, introduced nearly a hundred beautifully Real 18k Gold Fake Van Cleef Arpels Ring UK charming and unique products. His fleeting, lasting marriage and romantic sentiment, spread lifetimes can be turned into wedding ring, were inscribed around the world and witness countless lovers happy.
Victoirede Castellane
Service brand: Dior
Work style: elegant and imaginative, playful and full of fantasy
Representative works: Dior Rose series
Victoirede Castellane
Victoire de Castellane Dior (Dior) brand jewelry designer. Victoire de Castellane was born in Paris, the French aristocratic descent, grew up along with his family to attend high social dance together, upper-class ladies who feel fine dress sense, five years old Victoire de Castellane has been trying to dismantle the mother’s bracelet pendant, try make your favorite earrings.
In 1998, 14 years of Chanel (Chanel) after, Victoire de Castellane joined Dior (Dior), became Christian Dior (Dior) series of fine jewelry designer, Mr. Christian Dior (Christian Dior) favorite Rose is also an important source of inspiration for Victoire de Castellane, her Dior (Dior) to produce classic works include “Precieuses Rose”, “Rose Dior Bagatelle”, “Rose Dior Pre Carelan”, “Bois de Rose” five rose series of jewelry.
Dior Rose Series
Victor 20 years of art and design career, she has a rich and unique imagination to design numerous, colorful series of fine jewelry, showing a strong complete originality and creativity.
Today Victoire abstract piece of jewelry is unique in the industry, like a child because she works full of playful and fantasy, the kind of unattainable to break the confines of the original jewelry, but popular, she said: “create your own from own desires start. What I did not have? What I want today? I think these side at the same time, my mind had come to look like the finished jewelry. “Even now Victoire will fancy yourself princess wearing jewelry, and therefore her works always filled with bizarre magical fairy tale, she said she had a lot of creative inspiration: “naturally, the children of the world, Hollywood movie musicals in the street to Cheap Van Cleef Arpels Ring see women or myth legends, etc., can be the source of my inspiration. ”
Ketty Koutsolioutsos
Service brand: Folli Follie
Work style: exquisite color, mix and match style, elegance and vitality
Representative works: Folli Follie K series of works
As the world’s leading jewelry designers, Ketty Koutsolioutsos name is famous in the fashion industry, the late British Princess Diana, singer Madonna are her loyal fans.
He graduated from Athens Arsakeion school, then went to London studying sociology and anthropology Ketty Koutsolioutsos in Italy completed her university studies, his personal charm and jewelry unique insights she began to design their own jewelry line from Italy to Blair , then the achievements of the success of her career. Her design talent with her husband Dimitris management skills, make their jewelry to great acclaim in Italy and Europe, and returned home to create a Folli Follie brand in 1982.
Although enjoyed worldwide has now become well-known jewelry designer, but talking careless move that year, Ketty still fresh. “Creative expression has always been my kind of internal demand. At that time, I wanted the addition of a personal touch to the gift given to my best friend, my first piece of jewelry design results have emerged.” I am so a casual, so she embarked on the road of jewelry design, she said:. “Needless to say, the jewelry has been the best for me to release their inspiration way” in 1982, she co-founded and later with Mr. world-renowned jewelry brand, also opened her queen of the road.
Folli-Follie K series of works
Ketty Koutsolioutsos works more in sterling silver refining, again laden with all kinds of very precious rare European gems, semi-precious stones and other high-quality materials, such as colorful colorful Garnet Garnet, Zirconia crystals, colored spar and Murano Glass Venice hand-made glass, not only looks chic, often full of meaning, including many politicians, celebrities of the late British Princess Diana, Madonna and other pop music, including Hollywood stars are loyal supporters Ketty, especially love for her. ” K “series of high-end jewelry. Solid 18k Gold Replica Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Ring Ketty no secret that his reason can be devised so deeply moving masterpiece, largely due to the long history of his hometown of Athens bestowed his inspiration, “the era of Greek culture and its influence in my designs embodied obvious. Greek cultural elements fused cultural elements Eastern countries, thus creating a mixing conflicting elements of style, quite interesting, “as she put it:.” my work reflects the cosmopolitan some of my personal experiences, travelogues and my view of the world. Therefore, my design works are colorful, with flexibility and diversity. “Which is why there will be those exquisite colors, mix and match style, elegant and energetic for ingenuity.
In addition to inspiration from long-standing culture, Ketty very good at finding creative things from the side, in a strange country journey, a painting, a burst of fragrance, natural sea …… these things can be the source of her inspiration . She said: “Today, I want to consider in the design world of modern women, including their adaptability, their ability to turn to another style from one style according to different requirements, their wealth of knowledge of the world, they are critical deportment, their temperament and for the expression of their own unique way. so many of my works are in the excited women for their designed. “

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New Zealand designer Jessica McCormack has just launched a new season of engagement jewelry series, issued a total of six rings works, each one has a unique source of inspiration, such as the Danish fairy tale “Little Mermaid,” a science fiction movie “Real18k Gold Hermes Clic H Ring Replica 2001 A Space Odyssey”, Japanese folk tale ” the Tale of the bamboo Cutter “Replica Cartier Love Rings, bride meet with different personality and style of dress.
The new series of the most retro temperament is an emerald cut diamond ring, the main stone weighing 10.52ct. Designers inspired by 18th-century Georgian Era and the Victorian Era jewelry,diamond produced an octagonal silver oxide framework to dark gray metallic luster to set off a colorless diamond bright color of fire, there are rose gold ring care and gold materials optional.
For women interested in science fiction, Replica Cartier Love Rings is undoubtedly the best choice. Inspiration for this piece from the 1968 release of a science fiction film – “2001 A Space Odyssey”,Replica Cartier Love Rings movie to space capsule prototype, the hexagonal ring surface design, the center of the main hexagon radial drilling presents luster, as extending Solid 18k Gold Cheap Hermes Clic H Ring to the distant space capsule channels.
The new work can also be seen lifelike animals, plant modeling, such as decorated with fish, shellfish “Mermaid” rings, inspired by the German film “Under the sky of Berlin” ring shape of the wings,the most special one in the works Japanese folk tale “the tale of the bamboo Cutter” as the theme, ring care was bamboo shape, hold up a bright round diamonds, symbolizing the story of the princess in the light-emitting tender bamboo found “Kaguya.”
The main stone is a 12.14ct pillow-shaped cut diamonds, dotted around the small diamonds, was inspired by the Danish fairy tale “Little Mermaid.”
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Jewelry generally signifies an ornament which is made in different shapes and patterns for the adornment of the body, and these are normally produced up of gold, silver, platinum, pearls, Fake Hermes H Enamel Ring and and so forth. Go to a lot of our site and see the high high quality jewelry goods youll genuinely like at very reasonably priced prices. If you have a wide variety of collection of silver rings with studded stones and gems then you are a fine collector and every day with distinct attires in different moods and occasions. Marc Geller, a loose diamond wholesaler in Chicago, says such situations of abuse could eventually bring the jewelry market to its knees. In terms of constructing your jewelry wardroom, Eli suggests that women focus on a mix of pieces that can work together then, add a couple of pieces that truly are standout things, in terms of color, or of volume. There has been a growing influx of cheaply produced china pieces claiming to be Limoges. Nation Jewelry City, Central China’s first jewelry as a trading center for the flow, by way of the National jewelry investment, to develop cooperation in between eastern and western jewelry bridge.
The center stated that the jewelry that led to the case – which it bought in February 2010 at a Tween-owned retailer referred to as Justice – was 69 percent cadmium. With a wide variety of selection offered, bead jewelry offer outstanding selections to wear for every single occasion. Most other pieces of jewelry must also be buffed and polished soon after they are produced. As a reminder, fashion accessories are an any wardrobe, particularly one particular that could use an updating. What is new is the awareness of it, thanks largely in element to social media as evidenced in stories like Milan Fashion Week and anytime a celebrity or a model dons a Plains headdress other than a chief. Setting of stone is the last step in making jewelry to steer clear of damage to the stone. Come with an Replica Hermes Ring UK endless variety of all hands crafted and fashion jewelry merchandise at reasonable rates. They are affordable, low-priced and nevertheless give a stunning appear with out the required to commit a lot on jewelry.
As a result, make certain that you have chosen only a trustworthy store for pucrhase the rings produced up of this precious material. Black silver will add a somewhat, and, additionally, it will never ever go out of style. Silver jewelry mostly comprises of rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, nose rings, toe rings, heavy kadas and armlets. Right here are a couple of guidelines and observations when employing costume jewelry in mosaic perform. You have to look your best not just to impress others but to make your spot in this fast moving fashion society. Over 80% of rhinestone jewelry manufactured in America use Swarovski rhinestones.
Toward the latter half of the decade, designers moved away from necklaces and bracelets created from marbled plastics and began to design far more conversational pieces that incorporated rhinestones Hermes Collier de Chien PM Ring Replica and brightly colored gems. Few of the essential care guidelines for gold plated Jewelry advices to preserve away from the getting in touch with difficult surfaces. There are several causes why individuals put on jewelry today, diverse kinds of jewelry are seen all about the planet and are worn for motives which includes religion and healthcare id. Many products of jewelry that are worn these days hold unique and sentimental which means to the owner.
Apart from this, you can also discover precious as properly as semi valuable gemstones supplied in the male jewelry line. Go to companies, do parties, set up in flea markets or craft shows, and bubble over with enthusiasm as you introduce stunning fashion jewelry to customers. A single wholesale style jewelry/jewelry wholesale organization that has been developing in reputation a lot not too long ago is Hammerhead Shark. She covers everything from the simple tools you are going Replica Cartier Love Bracelet White Gold to want (down-to-earth and affordable suggestions include Craftsman pliers and cutters from Sears) to different brands and formulas of glues and adhesives to her formed and layered filigree and collage tactics to design suggestions. Even the most trendy appropriate hand rings and drink bands for distinctive occasions as effectively as each single day strategy present occasions possess the inclination to possess traits which make all of them just like a classic diamond ring.

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Kim Fook Jewellery more startups in the late 1980s, is currently based in the western Chinese city of Chengdu, the core of its collection of jewelery design, manufacturing and brand chain management as a whole, production and operation of jewelry products include gold, platinum , Cartier Ring Replica K gold, diamonds, multicolored, jade and other species.
Company to "perfect quality, serve" concept throughout the production, marketing and brand building the whole process, to become the consumer side of the "jewelry expert." In the industry has been widely praised as "palace jewelry, diamond expert."
As of 2015, more Fook Jewellery gold has eight regional operations management agencies, marketing network covering 20 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities, Fake Cartier Ring more than cities, direct marketing, franchise chain stores, more than 300 of the cabinet.
Gold Dover trademark by the "gold Dover" three Chinese and English composition, gold jewelry is identified by Dover graphics and English composition, traditional Chinese red color, filled with auspicious blessings meaning, convey Auspicious blessing brand of deep feelings. Graphic part of the design pick the first letter of the product and brand appearance in English 'G', in line with the jewelry product attributes and a clever interpretation of art, within three dots dotted graphic symbol of perfection, coordination, small dot changes from small to large companies continue to thrive in the clear development path and good vision.
Kim Fook Jewellery more start-up in 1989, then set up a company to carry jewelry design, production, processing, wholesale and retail business. Along with the gold and liberalization policies deepen reform Cartier Ring Knockoff and opening up further, demand for gold jewelry is rising, gold Dover people ride on the momentum of the expansion of the wholesale and retail business, set up their own jewelry trade fairs and joining picking hall, carried gold jewelry franchise Dover, Dover opened more than gold jewelery outlets (cabinet), franchise.
Gold Dover specialized in diamond jewelry, diamonds, gold, platinum, K gold, jade and other jewelry design, production, wholesale and retail business.
Every product Real 18k Gold Cheap Cartier Earrings by industry Mingjiang teacher design, production, design and material fit, fashion and taste of integration, coupled with exquisite delicate craft, highlights the wearer extraordinary tolerance.
GOLD Fook Jewellery products at a younger consumer group ahead, vitality, fashion, wisdom, advocating personality of the new white-collar workers, the new shape of beauty elegant fashion world. "Golden Dover" has now become attractive women, Ms. confidence taste elements.